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Get the hair you've always dreamed of with extensions

Certified in Invisible Bead Extensions

IBE a hand tied method  

This method is commonly known as the hand tied or sew in beaded weft method.

I use silicone lined beads, cotton thread and your natural hair to create a foundation for the weft extensions to be sewn onto, concealing the bead so your hair can be worn how you choose.

The wefts are sewn onto a "row" that is from ear to ear to follow the natural fall of your hair for the most comfort and natural appearance.

An in person consultation is needed to move forward with extensions.  We will discuss your goals, match your hair color, and decide your length.  


Blond Wavy Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Will extensions damage my hair?

Not at all!  This method is great for fine hair or thick hair.  Most clients that wear extensions often see more growth over time and eventually do not need them anymore.

What is the maintenance for extensions?

The 'rows' need to be moved up every 7-10 weeks.  Each row takes about an hour and half to take out and put back in.  Most people have one or two rows.

What do extensions cost?

Cost varies from person to person and is based upon your desired look and how much hair you have now.  Your largest cost is the cost of the extension hair ranging from $500-$1500 this depends on length and density.  The hair will last you 9-12 months when taken care of properly.

Your first install is $200 per row which includes color matching and cut to create the most seamless blend.  Maintenance installs are $140 per row.  Most people get one row for fullness and two rows for length and fullness.  If your hair is short and thick and you want long mermaid hair you will probably need 3 rows.

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